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Electric Guitars:
Gibson Les Paul Custom (1981)
Gibson ES 335 (1986)
Gibson SG (1992)
Callowhill Custom Strat
Fender American Telecaster
G&L Legacy Strat
Tom Anderson Drop Top Strat
Gretcsh Streamliner (1957)
Bill Comins Semi Hollowbody
Ibanez George Benson GB 10 (1978Washburn Montgomery Full Hollowbody)
Danelectro Baritone Guitar
Danelectro 12 String Electric
Epiphone Dot 335
DiPinto Belvedere Marcus Miller Sire 5 String Bass
Ibanez SD bass
Epiphone Flying V Charvel Strat with active pickups

Acoustic Guitars and Instruments:
Gordy Bischoff Anniversary Model Acoustic
Lowden Jumbo Acoustic
Guild True American Acoustic
Yamaha 12 String Acoustic
Cigano Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Republic Resonator
Lap Steel
Pedal Steel
Nashville Tuning Acoustic
Giambatista Artisan Classical Guitar
Yamaha Classical Guitar
Baritone Ukelele Tenor Ukelele

Marshall MK II, 50 watt (1971)
Matchless Chieftain 2×12
Bogner Shiva
Fender Vibrolux Reverb
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Bassman with Allesandro Mod (1965)
Roland Jazz Chorus
Marshall 2×12 with Celestials
Marshall 4×12 with Greenbacks

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